CopyRip Durst Industrial Edition

Digital workflow for Durst Gamma and Pictocer ceramics printer

CopyRip Durst Industrial Edition simplifies the digital workflow and ensures efficient and repeatable results with new opportunities for the file processing and process control.

The software can be installed on any MAC equipped with at least OSX Leopard. This means that Copy Rip Durst Industrial Edition can work on the same computer using Photoshop to retouch and process images.


Key features:

  • Easy to use and minimum errors thanks to preset settings; Durst ceramics printers read the settings and the Copy Rip Durst Industrial Edition copies files straight to their respective Durst ceramics printers.
  • Generates 5 to 6 process colors from 4-color files
  • Automatically adapts color on any number of Durst ceramics printers
  • Higher print quality thanks to linearization calibrated for the individual glazes in use
  • The process (glazing, firing, etc.) is kept stable through linearization
  • Incorporated profiling tool to create and control ICC profiles
  • Printheads can be monitored by a time chart
  • Precise data reading through multiple measurements