Rho P10 200/250 HS

The Rho P10 HS Series is the high speed version of the Rho P10 200/250. The Rho P10 HS features Quadro Array 10M printheads with double the number of nozzles in comparison to the Rho P10 200/250. They also incorporate LED Pin Curing in combination with conventional UV drying. The Pin Curing assists in making the higher speeds possible by sealing the drops before final drying.


Features include

  • Light colours (lc and lm) for perfect colour graduation
  • Durst Quadro Array 10M printhead technology for outstanding print quality without loss of speed
  • Twice the number of nozzles for double the speed
  • LED pin curing for sealing the print before final drying using a UV light source
  • Optional mechanical front stops enable parallel printing of boards side by side
  • Highest reliability (24/7 production)
  • Roll to roll printing options

  • Rho P10 200/250

    The most versatile and productive 10 picoliter flatbed printer on the market.

    Application: Flying colours