Tau LFS 330

Tau 330 with Laser Finishing System LFS 330

Durst LFS 330 is a new in-line digital laser finishing system for the Tau 330 UV inkjet label press that incorporates state of the art laser die cutting technology from Spartanics, with a powerful 1000 watt laser for highest productivity and automatic job changeover to handle multiple jobs in a single pass.

While providing a complete digital end-to-end workflow, the complete Tau 330 and LFS 330 in-line system ensures highest productivity as well as superior print and cut quality on a wide range of substrates. For a complete finishing process, optional UV coating, lamination and slitting can be added to the system.


Most important Features of Tau 330 with in-line LFS 330

  • Digital end-to-end workflow ensures highest productivity and automation.
  • Fully automatic job change-over allows continues production without interruptions.
  • Powerful 1000 Watt Laser ensures Tau press matching speed for laser die cutting.
  • High flexibility in terms of cutting applications such as kiss, through, perforate, engrave, mark, score.
  • Broad range of approved and qualified substrates such as paper, films, polyester, polycarbonates, metalized material.
  • Significant savings of die cutting tool costs (between 60,000 to 90,000 €/year).
  • Reduced job preparation times (Changeover times in conventional finishing are >15 min.).
  • Significant savings and scrap material waste (can be between 20 %-40 % in conventional finishing).
  • No need for new tool manufacturing eliminates waiting time and shortens delivery times.
  • Finishing options like UV Coating, lamination, slitting available
  • Optional product rewind module to facilitate off-line finishing & laser die cutting

  • Tau 330

    The Durst Tau 330 is a digital UV inkjet press, designed for short and medium runs, covering a print width from 16.5 cm to 33 cm and running a print speed of up to 48 meters per minute. The Tau 330 excels with a very high format flexibility and the highest productive efficiency.

  • Tau 330E

    Tau 330E is a cost effective stand alone UV inkjet label press for small and medium size companies active in the label printing business.