Gamma XD-Series

The Gamma XD Series represents a new generation of 8-color inkjet ceramic printers which combines the highest quality inkjet technology with a unique print engine to break the barriers to quality and speed, maintaining the required ink amount per sqm. The printing system can be configured with up to eight color rows and printing width from 319 to 1404 mm as needed.

The new printing systems are equipped with the latest Durst High Definition Printhead Technology with dual ink circulation and the new Adaptive Dot Placement Technology for ultimate print uniformity without banding or lines, high image quality and color homogeneity across the entire printing width. Stable printing behavior and long print head life is ensured by a new print head cleaning system with long intervals, no ink loss and no purging of ink on the conveyor belt.
The Gamma XD Series can be equipped with the new Digital Material (DM) print head technology for jetting large ink amounts (over 100g/sqm) needed for special effects and digital materials such as luster-, glossy-, matt-, white-, metallic- and glue inks. 
Gamma XD can also be configured with the Dual Line option in order to operate with two glazing lines in parallel. In this set-up, each print line can process different image data and tile sizes independently.


Maintenance & Service
The Gamma XD Series features a built-in remote diagnostics function and offers customers the option of carrying out all the regular maintenance and service work, including print head replacement, automatically through a user-guided way to maximize uptime. The new print heads have a quick-adjustment feature which enables them to be replaced and set quickly and easily by the operator if need be. This reduces potential maintenance downtime to a minimum.

  • Advantages
  • Banding-free printing thanks to the “Adaptive Dot Placement Technology”
  • High uptime/productivity
  • Optional DM - Digital Material Printing Technology - over 100g/m2 ink laydown or stunning designs
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • Economical print heads and easy/fast replacement