Gamma 75 HD-NRS

Gamma 75HD-RS offers the inexpensive start in the new N-series of the digital Gamma ceramic printer. Gamma 75HD-NRS is equipped with the latest Durst High Definition print head technology with double ink circulation. Thanks to the patented slanted position of the print heads with interlacing in transverse direction the Gamma 75 HD-NRS achieves high image quality and color homogeneity across the complete printing width of up to 68 cm. With a speed of up to 74 m/min and a maximum resolution of 220 x9 60 dpi the Gamma 75HD-NRS is suited for all standard lines. Gamma 75 HD-NRS can be configured modularly with 4-5 colors and can be changed between left and right guidance within a few minutes. Thanks to the machine redesign and new components, the Gamma 75-HD-NRS provides the inexpensive start into digital decoration and can be extended modularly at any time.


New low-maintenance concept for uninterrupted production

The N-series unites many new technologies in order to increase the production efficiency. For example, the double ink circulation prevents sedimentation of the ink and the new automatic print head cleaning system together with the new ink filter system reduces the maintenance cycle to a minimum. Through the new ink Cubitainers the inks can be refilled rapidly and simply and prevent possible soiling through dirt or dust, thus increasing the reliability of the print head nozzles further.


Furthermore the N-series is equipped with software that is unique in its user-friendliness and workflow efficiency. 


The decisive advantages:

  • New low-maintenance concept
  • High reliability of the print head nozzles through the new ink filter system.
  • Patented print head configuration with interweaving for high printing capacity and absolute color conformity across the entire printing width.
  • Latest generation of high definition print head technology with variable droplet sizes (28 to 90 pl in 4 stages) and double ink recirculation for constant droplet volume.
  • Unrivaled high ink application (from a few grams per m2 up to dozens of grams) for rich colors and high image contrast.
  • Up to 4 times faster than other printers on the market - measured by the ink application capacity.
  • Continuous linear printing speed of up to 90 m/min while maintaining the respective ink application quantity.
  • New automatic print head cleaning and new ink collecting system reduces the maintenance cycle and prevents ink deposits on the belt.
  • Long production cycles (automatic print head rinsing only every 6 hours - depending on ink and production conditions).
  • Automatic and continuous belt cleaning system, without the necessity of chemical cleaning agents and corresponding disposal.