Automatic shaking device for Durst Gamma ink cubitainers

Durst InkShaker® is specifically designed to agitate the pigmented ceramic inks before use in an optimal and constant way.

The user-friendly design allows an easy and quick loading of the ink cubitainer (Durst proprietary system) delivered in 10 or 5 liter versions.

After pressing the start button the gentle shaking procedure in dual sense rotation is carried out fully automatic.

After 4 minutes the ink is ready to be filled into the Gamma printer. This automatic shaking device guarantees you a correct and 100 % repeatable procedure independent from the person loading the ceramic ink into the Durst Gamma printer. 



Due to the sedimentation behavior of ceramic inks, a proper shaking of the ink cubitainer right before loading will positively influence the reliability of your digital ceramic printers.