Gamma PrepStation

Central, offline job preparation for one or multiple Gamma printers 

With this workstation, all jobs are centrally prepared and managed/monitored for the installed Gamma printers. Since only the print files are sent to the respective Gamma printer possible file thefts can also be prevented.


Key Features:

  • Central, offline job preparation and file storage for one or multiple Durst Gamma printers
  • Powerful 64bit LINUX based HP workstation (not PC) for continuous 24/7 operation
  • Printing jobs are automatically transferred to Printing Queue and do not need to be re-opened at the Gamma
  • Increased workflow and production efficiency
  • Higher overall productivity with reduced down time
  • Secure printing – original TIFF files /designs no longer sent to Gamma
  • Helps to control consistency, maintain quality control, and reduce errors
  • Central color corrections for repeatable production control
  • Works with all Durst Gamma versions (Gamma 60, Gamma 70, Gamma 70M, Gamma 75 HD/R, Gamma 75 HDS/RS, Gamma 120 HDS/RS)