Rho 500R

The Durst Rho 500 combines a 6-color quality print in 600 dpi with a high print productivity of up to

350 sqm/h. Equipped with the Quadro Array 30D printhead technology with 2048 nozzles per color, the system prints on 5 meter wide vinyl banners, mesh for facade cladding, extra wide textile banners and

self-adhesive polyester films for backlit-applications. The mechanic precision of the bionic carriage system, the linear motor drive technology and temperature-controlled ink circulation guarantee the highest quality of the print image. Thanks to the intelligent Dither Technology, the Rho 500R requires less ink per square meter, while the built-in sensors, in combination with the automated media transport system, allow for unattended printing. The resulting low production costs make the Rho 500R one of the most economical printers available.


The operational software was further advanced with the aid of customers around the world to enable the automated and media-specific calibration of all print parameters and their storage for identical reproduction in the future. The 100% VOC free UV Rho Roll Ink is accredited with the Nordic Swan certification and adheres to the most stringent environmental requirements.

  • Rho 512R

    Extra-wide 12-pictoliter UV inkjet printer with Variodrop technology