Rho 512R

Extra-wide 12-pictoliter UV inkjet printer with Variodrop technology

Featuring state-of-the-art Durst Quadro Array 12M print head technology and droplet sizes of 12 pictoliters, the Rho 512R sets new quality standards for extra-wide high-end inkjet printers. With print quality of up to 800 dpi and a maximum speed of 350 m² per hour, the Rho 512R prints a variety of large-format advertising materials. It can also process three 1.6 m rolls at the same time. Unsupervised printing and extremely low production costs make the Rho 512R one of the most economical printers of all time. The Rho 512R is equipped with Variodrop technology and uses multiple impulses for modulating the droplet size. Thus the exact amount of ink is placed, which prevents the drop satellites common in conventional gray-scale printing.

  • Rho 500R

    Super wide 5 meter UV roll-to-roll printer

    Application: As seen around the world on TV by millions