Rho 1312

As part of Durst’s continuous product advancement, the Rho 1300 Series provides several developments including increased productivity over the existing models; the Rho 1312 will print up to 620 m²/h. In addition, they offer improved image quality and higher gloss finish, increased reliability during printing and even greater flexibility of media, particularly with difficult and heat sensitive media.


The Rho 1300 Series also include advancements of media transportation, with a higher vacuum and improved media registration. This provides higher reliability during printing and a better performance with difficult media, for example corrugated. Printing of heat sensitive media is effectively improved with the option of the final UV drying outside the machine.


The product advancements include in the Rho 1300 Series are due to a different printing configuration called “Gradual Flow Printing”.


Gradual Flow Printing Technology
The “Gradual Flow Printing” mode includes a wider transport belt and advancement of the media is minimal during the printing process. The media, with a maximum size of 125 x 250 cm is transported onto the belt, and the higher vacuum is applied outside the machine. This enables the image to be built up gradually, thus providing smoother tones over large areas and a high gloss finish, even at the highest speeds.

  • Rho 1330

    The fastest fully automated flatbed printer with Gradual Flow Printing Technology