Pictocer HD

The new standard for flatbed printers in the ceramic industry

Pictocer HD is a flatbed printer specifically developed for ceramic tile companies to develop new products/designs, tile design studios, third fire companies, manufacturers of photo ceramics and ink manufacturers using pigmented ceramic color or effect inks. By using the same inks Durst Pictocer HD can simulate the final ceramic tile, such as floor and wall and tiles (porcelain, single and double fire) as well as decorative listellos produced afterwards with Durst Gamma and anticipate the production costs. The unique continuous tile transport system allows to decorate different type of ceramic products and tiles from very small decorative trim pieces (listellos/photo ceramics, etc.) without any size limitations and up to a max. thickness of 50 mm. In addition, a special version of the Pictocer HD is available for printing large bulk pieces with material thickness up to 250 mm.


For a long-term reliable operation Pictocer HD features an efficient, continuous ink circulation and a fully automatic print head maintenance system.

Pictocer HD can be configured with 4, 5 or 6 colors to meet the various requirements of the ceramic industry in terms of colors and the use of special-effect inks.

Thanks to its unparalleled high image quality (no banding, high uniformity, definition, details, sharpness, color depth and color saturation/contrast range) Pictocer HD is the best selling plotter and has quickly become the new standard for flatbed printer in the ceramics industry.

In addition due to its unique design it is used frequently small run productions and creating customized products.


Key Features:

  • Continuous transport system with hand fed manually pre-loaded trays and precise register points
  • Max. printing width of 155 cm (61 in.) by any length
  • Maximum tile or trim piece thickness: 50 mm (1.98 in.). Optional version for thickness up to 250 mm (9.8 in.)
  • Up to 6 colors
  • Industrial scale print heads and same pigmented ceramic ink set as Durst Gamma
  • Permanent ink recirculation in both ink circuits including the print heads and automatic maintenance cycles
  • Best rated user software (64 bit Linux based) with easy and fast operation, high flexibility and numerous important functions
  • Unique Durst „Ringaround“ function for fast and automated testing of new designs and repeat jobs
  • Integrated ink cost and ink consumption calculation per design and sqm to anticipated the production costs for a new product prior to start production